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If you are a wildlife lover and willing to see them in their natural habitat then come to Ranthambore National Park. It is the best place in India where you can spot majestic predators in their natural habitat.

Ranthambore National Park also known as Best Tiger Friendly Land is the largest and most renowned national park in northern India. If you want to spend a memorable while with friendly tigers then this place is a must to visit. 

 It was a former hunting ground of Maharajas of Jaipur and today it is known as the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Area, the most famous tourist destination.


This national park is located 170 km away from Jaipur. It is the perfect and peaceful place away from the busy cities. This site is the only largest dry deciduous forest left in India which is intact. 

The park is structured like a bygone era. It is surrounded by many water bodies that provide perfect relief to forest inhabitants during extremely hot weather. 

This place has an incredible, interesting, unique and mixed flavor of nature. Different species, flora, fauna, cliffs, hills, valleys, and plateaus make this place an ace place for relaxing and enjoying. 



For a breathtaking trip to Ranthambore Sightseeing, the tourist needs to make Ranthambore safari booking in advance. There is fix timing for Ranthambore safari along with strict time. 

It’s purely a luck to spot tigers during the safari. There is a fixed route and every jeep is accompanied by a trained and expert guide. Ranthambore safari booking can be made online as well.


A park is altogether a mind-blowing placeThe climate and vegetation, both are unique in themselves. 

There are around 320 species of birds found that includes both resident and migratory. Also, there are 40 mammal species and more than 35 species of reptiles which is the major tourist attraction. 

Besides tigers, the park also has a variety of wild cats like leopards, caracal, jungle cats, and rusty-spotted cats. Also, there reports of fishing cats and leopards cats as well. Sambhar, wild boar, Indian wild cats, jackal, extremely rare wolf are commonly found at this place.

Because of varied terrain and abundance of water bodies, the excellent population of birds, residents, and migrants are found here.

This place is not favorable for amphibians though due to dry climate. Tigers which are known as the king of this park can be easily spotted even during day time hunting or feeding their babies. 


The Ranthambore national park has a wide variety of flora. The availability of plenty of water made this place rich in both flora and fauna. 

There are around 300 types of plant species. Since the area belongs to that dessert, therefore, the place receives low rainfall. Due to this, there are more deciduous tresses in this park.

The place has perennial lakes, steps, hills, gentle slope, plateau, etc. And therefore such a variety of plants are found in this place.

The 80% of area compromises of Dhok species. The leaves of Dhok is a favorite diet for deer’s, antelope and Nilgai. 

Other prominent trees are Banyan, pipal, and neem. The fruit plants include mango, jamun, and ber. 


Ranthambore National Park opens in Oct to June. The winter months that is October to December is the best time to visit this place. October to April are the best months and the chances of spotting tiger are more during summers. 

The park remains closed during the monsoon season. It is because this is the mating time of tigers. 

For visiting Ranthambore National  Park,  the tourist needs to make  Ranthambore bookings in advance to avoid hassle at the time of arrival.

For wildlife lovers, this place is a perfect treat. The heritage of this place, the chirping of the birds, the predominance of the some of the rarest species of both flora and fauna, makes this place no less than a heaven.